Evergreen Plantation new alley, center view from gateEvergreen Plantation, main house, morning fogMain house, west corner viewOld alley, afternoon light, panoramic viewOld allee, east row, morning lightMain house, stairs and columnsEvergreen Plantation, rear of main houseKitchen oak, study 1Stairs and pigeonniere, Evergreen PlantationOld alley, center view from Jane's groveEvergreen Plantation, Acadian cottage, coloredQuarters and backlit moss on oak limbOld alley, center view from fenceEvergreen Plantation old allee' summer study 1Quarters, east rowEvergreen Plantation, view of complex from leveeQuarters, morning fog, Evergreen PlantationEvergreen Plantation old allee' in fogEvergreen Plantation new alley, view of alley from gateEvergreen Plantation, new alley, center view, verticalEvergreen old allee', bent oak west rowEvergreen Plantation, quarters doorwayRed and blue doors, Evergreen QuartersEvergreen Plantation, two oaks and main houseMy camera in old allee'Old Alley, afternoon light, verticalEvergreen, new alley, view from back to front Swing and oak limb, Evergreen PlantationEvergreen Plantation, new alley, sunset study 2Cottage Oak study, Evergreen Plantation, Edgard, LA Quarters Alley from overseer's house, Evergreen PlantationFence and oaks, Evergreen Plantation study 2Old Alley, August morning light, Evergreen Plantation, Edgard, LA