New color and black and white images from late 2016 and early 2017.

Webre Oak #9Coulon Plantation house framed by oak, 2017Oak limbs and Quarters, Evergreen PlantationWebre Oak #3Bench and home, Laura Plantation, infrared black and white Evergreen Plantation House and rippled clouds, 2017Coulon Plantation front yard oak and house in background, 2017Two oaks and barn, Felicity Plantation, coloredBoudreaux Oak #1Andrew Oak profile, afternoon light 2017Coulon Plantation senior oak, color profile studyCoulon Plantation front yard oak, profileQuarters Alley, afternoon, Evergreen Plantation, 3/17Quarters alley from gate entrance, Infrared study, 3/17Constant Oak, colored infrared studyCoulon Plantation, senior oak, infrared study 2Young cypress grove, colored black and white printBayou Lafourche GEM Oak, bayou side of oakOak in Jane's peaceful grove, Evergreen, B&W infraredQuarters alley, west row with fence, color studyOak and sugar cane, color studyNolan and Henrietta Gaubert Oak, from Lafourche live oak tourPrivy and oak, Evergreen Plantation, infrared black-and-white imageRingle Oak, spring 2017 Oak Alley oaks, view from Andrew toward levee, panoramic 201Rosella Oaks, Raceland, LA Oak Alley Plantation, view from west porch into alleyOak Alley oaks, view from east row toward house, color panoramic, 2017Oak Alley oaks, west row in late afternoon light, 2017